About Us

Johnny Weathington, owner of El Toro Barber & Style has been in service for over 46 years, cutting local mens’ hair since 1967. Yet today, more than ever, you can truly appreciate small town service like he provides.
From the moment you walk in the door it reminds you of what a barbershop is suppose to be like. From the old spinning barber lantern to the many professional men talking about local sports and politics, it’s a place to come relax and network. Mr. Weathington has a plethora of knowledge – not just about cutting hair, but also about anything and everything going on in Greenville. He hears it all and has quite an opinion; he’ll make that known once you’re in his chair.
ECU and the community has been the focus of this barbershop for the past 25+ years.  Change is welcomed here and El Toro has recently remodeled and installed new amenities such as a billiards table and wireless internet; both of which are FREE to use while you wait.  One thing that has not changed is the excellent haircuts and the small town service. We look forward to seeing you soon!
El Toro Barber Shop for Pirates
in Greenville NC.